Rotate And Fly

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As it's not much bigger than a smartphone, this compact drome easily fits into a pocket when folded. Rotate the top panel 90 degrees, then snap open the camera under the lower panel, and the drone is ready to fly! A mobile or watch application then manages all of its control functions and instructions. The drone is made up of two identical top and bottom panels, one housing the battery and the other housing the control unit and camera for photography and videography. In a single motion, the 90-degree rotational solution enables the user to transform the compact pocket design into a full-functioning drone capable of shooting high-quality photos and videos. The rotational operation also provides an amazing tactile sensation similar to that of a Rubik’s cube. Finally, the hard case protects the device from external damage while transporting it. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Entertainment

Red Dot

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