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“Due to high ergonomic requirements, bike design always follows a complex geometric specification. This severely limits the creative scope for creating a novel look,” says Tomas Fiegl, lead designer of the design team responsible for the ROTWILD R.R275 X, describing the initial situation he was confronted with when he set about designing an e-gravel bike for the ROTWILD brand. In addition, the classic frame architecture in the form of the diamond frame offers the lightest frame structure from a static point of view and thus remains virtually without alternative for the sporty bike segment. – Nevertheless, with the ROTWILD R.R275 X, his team has succeeded in creating something new: The integration of the motor, battery, cockpit, front and rear lights into the carbon frame structure has resulted in a striking silhouette, which, in combination with the colour segmentation, gives the technically and creatively innovative bike a stretched appearance. “It was important to us to achieve formal and aesthetic distinctiveness in an inflationary competitive environment,” says Fiegl. “Therefore, right from the start, the goal was to work with a radical design approach. The optical extension of the top tube with the rear light and the form-fitted integration of the cockpit and front light are striking design elements and thus the reason for the dynamic shape of the bike.” This concise language of form also fascinated the jury: “The entire design with its balanced frame proportions, from the carbon construction to the detailed elaboration of the lines and control elements, is highly convincing.” Moreover, riding the ROTWILD R.R275 X is a pure pleasure. This riding experience is the result of the interplay between the bicycle architecture, the TQ 250-watt HPR50 mid-motor, twelve selectable electronic gears and a weight of 12.8 kg. At the touch of a button, an additional boost function can be activated for a short-term stronger support. Moreover, the front and rear lights can be controlled intuitively from the handlebars. The handlebars themselves can be adjusted in two positions to achieve a more upright or sporty riding position. The colour scheme in red and gold further emphasises the iconic bike silhouette.

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