S+ Watercooler

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S+ was created in response to the worldwide closures of water coolers due to Covid-19. To ensure a contactless experience, it features a spoutless design and a gap between the drinking module and the sink. As the user approaches S+, the sensors activate a water stream. The drinking experience is free from backsplashes due to the grilled sink, and its self-cleaning capabilities ensure that it remains germ-free. This prevents germs from coming into contact with the next user. As the user leaves the water cooler, the rotating spout activates to clean the sink of debris and the UV lamps installed beneath the sink turn on to sanitise the entire sink and grills. The water refill station is designed such that the dispensing module is larger than most water bottle openings, eliminating the need to ‘insert’ the dispenser into the bottle. The sensor is also placed closer to the base to encourage users to place their bottles on the tray, thus minimising any potential contact between the water bottle and dispensing module. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Public Space

Red Dot

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