Sake Dolls

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People are living more isolated lives than ever before. To fill their social void, individuals are looking for companionship in everyday objects. When it comes to drinkware, there appear to be two types of objects: austere design with no anthropomorphic qualities, and loud cartoonish vessels with eyes conveying strong emotions. Sake Dolls were created out of the belief that there is a third option—one in which the form’s anthropomorphic qualities are friendly and welcoming without being too loud. Inspired by the voluptuously minimal ‘creative’ Japanese kokeshi dolls, Sake Dolls consist of interchangeable porcelain bottles and cups. Whether you are working from home or need a little company, Sake Dolls are the ideal companion for water, coffee, and, of course, sake. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Culinary and Kitchen

Red Dot

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