Red Dot Design Award

Salon Q

Salon Q | Red Dot Design Award

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Salon Q offers hairstylists a user-friendlier rinsing faucet when washing a client’s hair. The faucet can be attached to the ring finger, which ensures complete freedom in the hand and fingers (for massaging the scalp) even while ‘holding’ the faucet. It provides a smooth wash and gives the salon a professional image. Salon Q is designed in an hourglass form to keep it firmly grasped in the joint between two fingers. Its surface is as large as a coin and the water outlet holes are designed with ultra-thin technology. The faucet has magnetic capabilities that allow it to be attached to the basin so that it can be easily lifted with two fingers. In the process of hair-washing hair, the hairstylist can control the water volume and temperature with the Salon Q device.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    O-TA Precision Industry CO.,LTD., Taiwan, R.O.C
  • Team Lead:
    Lin Shang-Yi
  • Design:
    Lin Yi-Su, Shen Yi-Lin
Salon Q | Red Dot Design Award