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Millions of children with autism struggle to make eye contact and communicate with others. They have poor social skills and, hence, are unable to develop meaningful relationships. As studies have shown that children with autism like to interact with digital devices, the interactive camera app “Look at Me” was developed to help them improve social skills. Using Samsung smart devices, this fun and easy-to-use app assists children with autism to interact with others and build relationships. In collaboration with doctors, professors and app developers, seven scientifically produced missions were created to train children to make better eye contact and improve their communication skills. The app helps children become more familiar with the different emotions that people have, emotions that can mostly be recognised by their facial expressions. The children just have to take a picture, read the facial expression of the portrayed person via the app and then express their own emotions. The result is that the children really learn to communicate with others and this can lead to building relationships.

Statement by the Jury

This camera app is an outstanding example of social responsibility: it merges company values of modern camera technology and emotion into a highly sophisticated app that helps autistic children make eye contact with other people, especially their parents, and thus gain access to their own emotions. With an easy-to-understand implementation, the app thus contributes enormously to improving the children’s ability for social interaction.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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