Seiko Prospex Mechanical Diver

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The Seiko Prospex Mechanical Diver SPB313, SPB315 and SPB317 wristwatches are modern interpretations of the 61MC-010 diver’s watch that was introduced in Japan in 1968. Design standards and safety factors have been revised to reduce the dimensions of the glass and case parts in line with current design principles. At the same time, the water resistance has been increased to 200 metres, making the watches a serious timepiece for divers. In spite of its slim shape and improved wearing comfort, each watch retains the look of the original model. “The Seiko Prospex Mechanical Diver wristwatches SPB313, SPB315 and SPB317 are worthy successors to an almost 60-year-old icon and impress with their combination of function and contemporary design,” concluded the jury.

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