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SemsX Smart Shoes

SemsX Smart Shoes | Red Dot Design Award

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SemsX Smart Shoes is a tracking device as well as a cool pair of shoes. Instead of making this tracking device just another extra accessory that children will find burdensome to wear, SemsX Smart Shoes cleverly embeds the tracking technology in wearable footwear that will be attached to a child’s feet. This product allows parents and family members to keep track of the whereabouts of their children and ensure their safety. The shoe is designed in a popular “low polygon” style in a classic red and black colour scheme. It has a seamless design coupled with an air-defend shock absorption technology that reduces impact on the foot. Its integrated two-layer shoe concept is also a unique feature – the inner layer functions as an indoor shoe, encased in an outer Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shoe mould. A child simply has to slip out of the outer mould to go indoors and slip the feet back into the mould again to go outside. SemsX Smart Shoes is capable of precise positioning and accompanies a child as an intelligent escort. A GPS chip is built into the tongue slot of the shoes. A leading international AGPS / CDMA-one dual-mode positioning technology ensures accurate positioning within 15 seconds of incorporation. Coupled with a Wi-Fi base station positioning and LBS positioning technology, real-time positional information can be captured whether the child is indoors or outdoors. Additionally, SemsX Smart Shoes also functions as a health manager and sports pedometer. This device allows family members to look after a child even when the whole family is not together in the same place. Parents can use a companion mobile application to set warnings for potentially dangerous locations. When a child starts venturing into strange and unfamiliar places, or seem to stay in a place for too long, the application will send out a push notification to allow preventive measures to be taken.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Shuangchi Industrial Co.,LTD, China
  • Team Lead:
    Chen Wenbiao
  • Design:
    Chen Wenbiao, Gu Weiming, Huang Zhenglong, Pan Fei, Xu Songqing,