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Sevylor Ottawa

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The new Sevylor Ottawa is an aerodynamically designed kayak for all types of water. It was created with premium comfort in mind and introduces an innov-ative seating construction with Sevylor’s patented Sevy-Spension that attaches the seats directly to the inner side chambers. That ensures the seats do not rest on the bottom of the kayak and reduces drag by 15 per cent, keeping the pad-dler dry throughout the ride. Sevylor’s Seatography feature has a quick floor guide for personalised seat placement prior to beginning any trip. With an additional, removable child’s seat the Sevylor Ottawa may be turned from a two-person- to a family kayak. To provide particularly high comfort, the Ottawa comes with FlexiRest seats with an adjustable backrest, lumbar support and mesh pocket.

Statement by the Jury

This sporty kayak stands out from its competitors with two innovations: the seats are suspended at the sides of the kayak and it allows the addition of a child seat.

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