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Standard cabin luggage design usually employs an extendable handle to roll the luggage. This takes up valuable space and creates an uneven surface in the luggage, which can be annoying when packing the luggage. SINEVASTO gets rid of the conventional handle, and instead, has a laptop compartment that slides against the main body to function as a pull-handle. Without a standard handle, the interior of the luggage is evened out, which facilitates space-efficient packing. The laptop compartment is removable, If required to check in the luggage to the hold, the laptop compartment is detachable. This laptop compartment can be used on its own and carried on the move for meetings and such. When going through airport security, one only has to open the laptop compartment and slide out the laptop; a top side compartment also enables the removal of toiletries without having to open the main luggage compartment. Furthermore, the luggage has a battery pack at the bottom of the luggage that provides enough power to charge a laptop and other electronic devices. Designed with the needs of a business traveller, SINEVASTO (which means “no waste”) adheres to the philosophy of complete efficiency and user convenience.

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