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In photography and videography, the quality of the equipment plays a crucial role, as does the possibility for spontaneous shots. The SIRUI R-3213X is a very thoughtfully designed tripod that offers users many options. The legs of this elegant-looking tripod are made of high-quality carbon fibre. They are thus highly robust and durable. Additionally equipped with foam rubber leg wraps, rubber feet, stainless steel spikes and an automatic leg-angle locking mechanisms, it offers a high user comfort. Self-explanatory and intuitively extendible, the carbon centre column is also highly impressive in its user-friendliness. Depending on the application, it can be combined with a large 63 mm diameter camera mounting plate or a 75 mm half-bowl for video heads with levelling ball. This adds additional flexibility, as each component can be easily replaced on site at any time without the need for tools. Photographers and videographers can thus adapt the tripod perfectly to the most diverse situations. The SIRUI R-3213X is very light thanks to its innovative choice of materials, weighing only 1.8 kg. When collapsed, the tripod has a height of just 61 cm and is therefore easy to transport. Reinterpreting a tripod in a creative approach has here led to a device of sophisticated functionality and remarkable comfort – it perfectly supports users in their creative endeavours.

Statement by the Jury

For the elegant SIRUI R-3213X tripod, all details have been designed with utmost precision. It is self-explanatory and quickly adaptable to needs. The individual, high-quality components can be exchanged easily and without tools. It offers sophisticated functionality and is very easy to transport. Thanks to the innovative use of carbon material, this tripod is very light, robust and durable.

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