Red Dot Design Award

Sisu Remote Control Station

Sisu Remote Control Station | Red Dot Design Award

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Sisu Remote Control Station improves both safety and quality of life for marine operators. Removing personnel from the onboard environment eliminates the risks that come with simply being onboard. Furthermore, the shore-based remote control station allows for a completely new ashore working schedule that reduces fatigue and stress, and ultimately improving decision-making capability. Operators who are used to several months away at sea will now be able to live ashore, be with families and work a simple shift based rotation. The switch from marine to shore-based facilities gave the designers more freedom and flexibility to focus on comfort, ergonomics, and materials. Since the project introduces a new technology to a highly traditional industry, it was important for the design to combine a modern, clean aesthetic with a strong maritime feel. A sturdy captain’s seat, bright colours, and wooden flooring bring the maritime environment ashore. The platform encloses the technical hardware and raises the captain onto a pedestal to enhance sight and a feeling of control. Not being limited to a traditional wheelhouse enables better ergonomy and viewing angles. Overlay graphics on top of the real-time video feed provide operators with the highest levels of awareness. As a control environment, the design is visually and functionally clear and calm. Most functions and switches are incorporated into touchscreen user interfaces, but traditional joysticks still provide a level of commonality from onboard bridge systems to ensure a smooth transition for operators.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Rolls-royce Oy Ab, Finland
  • Team Lead:
    Sauli Sipilae
  • Design:
    Anna Heini, Maria Kuosa, Iiro Lindborg, Lasse Lindell, Mikko Mertovaara, Saku Rantala, Joonas Vartola
  • Design partner:
    Northern Works Oy, Finland
Sisu Remote Control Station | Red Dot Design Award
Sisu Remote Control Station | Red Dot Design Award
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