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SJ X2000

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Ambience of well-being

Since its first launch in 1990, the X2000 high-speed train has advanced to a Swedish travel industry icon. Featuring an elegant design, it quickly became popular with passengers. As part of an expanded climate-conscious strategy, the Swedish state railway SJ implemented a complete refurbishment of the X2000, giving it an additional 25 years of life with a minimised environmental footprint. The new interiors are inspired by classic Scandinavian design with its clear forms and a strong focus on functional details. It fascinates passengers with its very balanced proportions and the harmony with which the individual elements complement each other to create an inviting overall appearance. A feel of warmth and well-being is achieved through the use of a carefully thought-out lighting concept that creates a pleasant atmosphere, as well as predominantly natural materials that augment the sense of comfort. The seats of this train offer a high degree of exclusivity. They have been newly developed with thick cushions and with their ergonomic properties offer a high seating comfort. They invite passengers to lean back and rest or make use of the opportunity to work almost like in an office thanks to the integrated technical equipment. This harmonious ambience makes passengers feel completely at ease and welcomes them to experience travelling in this train as a quiet and outstandingly relaxing ride.

Statement by the Jury

With its perfectly harmonised colours and materials, the interior for the SJ X2000 high-speed train creates a particularly pleasant atmosphere. The elaboration in detail and the lighting concept create a peaceful ambience in the train compartment. The design succeeds in creating the impression of a comfortable interior living space. This is further augmented by the newly developed, ergonomic seats. The interior has emerged as very contemporary for a modern high-speed train.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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