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Elegant tool

In premium restaurants, the preparation of meat is synonymous with high art. The sknife steak cutlery perfectly reflects such sophisticated food culture in both its form and function. Developed in collaboration with top gastronomes, it fascinates with its elegant language of form and selected materials. It is forged and completed entirely by hand to reflect a special appreciation for both the materials used and the manufacturing tradition. The blade of the knife is made of durable surgical steel and can also be forged for knife lovers specifically in torsion damask steel with over 1,000 layers. This steak cutlery impresses with its expressive language of form. Made of local, stabilised ash tree or walnut wood, the handle forms a virtually seamless line with the blade, perfect for the use in gastronomy. Visually enticing and pleasing to the touch, this cutlery lies comfortably and perfectly balanced in the hand. The consciously flowing transition from the handle to the blade enables outstandingly ergonomic cutting and thanks to the optimised design the cut surface is contactless. In addition, this steak cutlery is also highly durable, as the steel blade has a four times higher corrosion resistance and high hardness of 58 HRC. The cutlery embodies a subtle and sophisticated design that has emerged as an exclusive result that fascinates with its special appeal and materiality.

Statement by the Jury

The sknife steak cutlery combines craftsmanship and design to form a perfect symbiosis. The aesthetic of the virtually seamless transition from wood handle to steel blade is fascinating, as is the special feel this produces. Adopting elegant flowing lines, this steak cutlery rests ergonomically well-balanced in the hand. It looks and feels like an outstandingly practical premium-range tool.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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