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Today’s extractor hoods, which replace the masonry smoke outlets of earlier times, integrate seamlessly into the kitchen architecture. The Skyline reinterprets this product category with an entirely new approach: it embodies an impressive light sculpture that hovers at the desired height when needed. The Skyline can be controlled infinitely via a remote control and, equipped with a sophisticated LED lighting concept, provides a pleasingly bright yet warm illumination. Showcasing a sculptural appeal, this extractor hood also features pioneering technology that sets new standards in ecological soundness. The hood does entirely without generic grease filters and instead uses the centrifuge principle to capture and filter out grease in an energy-efficient and silent manner. In order to achieve this, the kitchen vapour is sucked in and accelerated systematically at two ends, without grease filters obstructing the airflow. In addition, the Skyline can be positioned at different heights for optimal performance and according to the cooking task. This facilitates the ideal illumination of the cooking area at all times. The Skyline is the result of an ambitious design approach and embodies an aesthetic light sculpture that lends the hitherto little-noticed extractor hood a new appeal.

Statement by the Jury

Whereas conventional extractor hoods use filters, the Skyline re-circulating air fan, created by designer Stefan Ambrozus for Berbel Ablufttechnik, features an energy-efficient centrifuge to capture and filter out grease. The Skyline extractor hood makes excellent use of this technical innovation and is also adjustable to individual user needs. The Skyline floats above the cooking field almost like a lift or a UFO, and thanks to energy-efficient LED technology provides optimum illumination for pure cooking joy. This lighting object is thoroughly convincing, because the Skyline perfectly merges technical function, ecological awareness and design quality into a sculpture of light.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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