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SL-D500 Series

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The SL-D500 Series compact photo printer was designed for commercial applications, such as for simple in-store implementation. The product’s frame structure makes it possible to stack and add units when the business scales up or needs more flexibility. The SL-D500 Series supports prints in various sizes, such as 4 x 6, postcard and L, which are in highest demand at photo shops. The printer is designed for easy handling in retail applications, and the development team has attempted to make everything as easy and convenient as possible for store personnel. High-capacity ink cartridges reflect the product’s commercial use, reducing both operating costs and waste. The housing of the SL-D500 Series incorporates recycled plastic, while the ink cartridge packaging is entirely made of recycled materials. Moreover, the unit’s compact dimensions lead to a significant reduction in weight. Intelligent design reduces both the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the generation of waste through the use of consumables. These positive features, together with printer’s low energy requirements, are helping Epson to meet its declared sustainability objectives. The jury was captivated by the “coherent, clever and consistent” design, as well as by the “precisely balanced proportions, ingenious colour contrasts and the high-quality workmanship.” Another aspect praised by the jury was the honesty of the design, as if it had been conceived with designers, not commercial applications, in mind. Jurors believe this printer may well herald a new design direction in this segment. For them, the SL-D500 Series is simply a product with a wow factor.

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