Smart Combo Sink Dishwasher

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The Smart Combo Sink Dishwasher is an innovative, space-saving solution made for an efficient and healthy lifestyle. Its elegant design, simple form and multi-functionality are well-suited for nuclear families. Utilising a newly-developed spray system which allows for a vertical dishwasher, it saves space without any loss of holding capacity or cleaning efficiency. This feature is especially important as Chinese urban homes have smaller kitchens. The new spray technology offers a more flexible spray arm orientation and movement, and the length of the spray arm can also be modified to fit different layouts. The dishwasher even has a built-in produce washer with a variety of gentle cleaning options. The washer is equipped with a high-powered fan system that quickly air-dries the produce to reduce bacterial and germ growth. It also functions as a cooler with compartments to keep washed produce cool and fresh. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Culinary & Kitchen

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