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Smart Fence

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Aesthetic modularity

Especially in summer, outdoor activities require seating, tables and especially the opportunity to spend time with family or friends without being disturbed. The Smart Fence offers an impressively multifunctional concept that facilitates such scenarios in an uncomplicated manner. Inspired by the appearance of a traditional garden fence, its design pursues the objective of creating a more comfortable atmosphere in places that otherwise offer only little space for free arrangements. The basic structure of the multifunctional fence consists of large modules that enrich the surroundings with their clear, stylish aesthetics. Remaining entirely hidden to the eye at first glance, there are various tilting components embedded flush within the fence that can serve various functions including as tables, benches or even planters. Astounding in its logic, the special functionality rests in that these individual components are easy to pull out whenever needed. The table and benches are thus ready for use quickly and can as easily be integrated later again in the fence surface. In this way, they do not keep the space permanently occupied. The fence consists of durable materials, a high-quality steel assembly covered with the wood of Siberian larch. The fascinating practicality that this multifunctional fence can deliver in everyday use is clearly reflected in a design that is aesthetically well-balanced and highly appealing.

Statement by the Jury

The multifunctional fence offers a strikingly new aesthetics and functionality for uncomplicated and stylish outdoor living scenarios. Individual tilting elements can be easily folded down to create groups of tables with comfortable benches. When not being used, the components can tilt back up to hide in the elegant wooden surface. The serene and harmonious atmosphere of this system is the projected result of a cleverly thought-out design and a true pleasure to experience.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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