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smart thermostat

smart thermostat | Red Dot Design Award

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Smart Thermostat helps customers make efficient the energy consumed by indoor heating systems. It has a real-time electrical detection function that detects power, voltage, current and electricity consumption. Even with voltage fluctuations of the national grid, it analyses the heat trace of the heating cable to generate accurate electrical data. Its ultra-thin and frameless physical aesthetic and minimalist design complement any interior style. A large button design allows people to easily switch between ‘Home’ mode and ‘Away' mode easily. Fully concerned for the experience of the elderly, children and the the visually impaired, Smart Thermostat adjusts the temperature by intuitively sensing the emotional temperature. The accurate energy data analysis and report can be sent to users via an APP, as well as to the Heating Cable Company, which will then provide data support for product performance improvement. Smart Thermostat works with Amazon Echo. It can also be controlled via APP, which helps user tracks habits and save energy more effectively.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Xiamen Small Gull Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Wan Zidi
  • Design:
    Chen Donghong, Chen Jianwen, Peng Wenjing, Yang Chunpeng
smart thermostat | Red Dot Design Award