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Monitoring with style

The ability to record a person’s heart function during exercise can be used to assess one’s health and fitness. The SmartVest provides a new avenue for a novel and smart approach towards obtaining and transferring such data. Functional and yet stylish, the SmartVest is able to perform an electrocardiogram with its integrated 12 leads, along with an echocardiogram to provide an accurate assessment of one’s cardiac activity. On the inside, the SmartVest features 12 flexible electrodes woven into the fabric for real-time acquisition and wireless transmission of human body bioelectrical impulses. The vest can thus deliver a full 12-lead ECG for in-depth monitoring and evaluation of cardiac health. One of the impressing innovations is the fabric sensors of the SmartVest. They do not require gel or liquid contact and yet effectively maintain conductivity with the skin at all times. The perfectly integrated electrodes are also both very friendly to the skin and pleasant to the touch. Based on an in-depth exploration of new possibilities, the SmartVest has emerged as highly aesthetic and comfortable sensor clothing for patients and sports enthusiasts.

Statement by the Jury

The successful integration of new technical possibilities has made the SmartVest emerge as highly practical sensor clothing. It is worn like normal clothing, highly durable and can be washed more than 100 times. With its sophisticated functionality, the SmartVest facilitates highly efficient, easy-to-perform monitoring and analysis of cardiac health, by pushing the boundaries in the area of smart clothes.

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