Social Distance for All Age Community

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During a pandemic when social distancing is critical, the balcony has proven to not only function as an extension of the interior space, but also as a safe space to connect to the outside world while avoiding public gatherings. This proposal creates various isolated corners on balconies with different vertical connections (stairs, slider, ramp, elevator, and escalator) that will allow residents to choose their own travel paths while avoiding interfering with other neighbours. The balcony slider can even be transformed into a secret children playground and or used to transport goods between floors. Furthermore, the extension of balcony space creates a new type of architectural tectonic where the multifarious lifestyles of residents are reflected on the building facade. Providing more lifestyle options can make social distancing easier, and thus a new type of architecture is created in response to a pandemic situation. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Architecture

Red Dot

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