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Spectral 125

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Spirited performance

Being on the road with a trail bike should be one thing above all: fun. This requires good climbing characteristics in demanding rough terrain as well as a high degree of agility, lightness and manoeuvrability on steep descents. To achieve this, the ergonomics, control and performance factors of the Canyon Spectral 125 blend harmoniously with its design to form a perfectly balanced unit. The new model follows the company’s philosophy of minimalism and functionalism and its striking design language makes it clearly recognisable as part of the entire Spectral family. At the same time, it is significantly lighter and faster than its siblings. The slim carbon frame saves 100 grams of weight thanks to optimised carbon layups and increased suspension travel, while being more stable and responsive than its predecessors and supporting a playful riding style. Its forward-facing appearance is formally reduced and clean. The visual line runs from the rear along the seat stays and shock line, making the bike look long and low. The sharply defined edges and clear lines emphasise the precision with which the bike is constructed, as well as the reliability provided by protectors in the down tube, seat stays and chain stays, and express the unobtrusive elegance of the overall composition, which gives top priority to progressive riding fun.

Statement by the Jury

The Spectral 125 impresses with its graceful, nuanced frame geometry, which expresses the bike’s enormous agility and mobility. The outstanding achievement of the ingenious design with specially developed frame and material combinations is that it is particularly light and at the same time extremely stable. The trail bike thus offers sophisticated performance and meets the demands of its target group.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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