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Modern life offers many possibilities for getting around. stæp is a new, innovative street scooter mobility system comprising a non-powered and an electric powered version. The scooters are easy to fold and are therefore ideally suitable for commuting in combination with public transport. They are frameless, and the front part with handlebar is connected to the rear part via a plank similar to that of a skateboard. In combination with large-size air wheels, this plank acts like an air damper system that makes the ride smooth, providing a sense of “street-surfing”. Since the scooters are equipped with hydraulic brakes, they can also be safely used in off-road terrain, where the damper system ensures a comfortable ride. Moreover, they are very light: the non-powered version weighs only about 6 kg, the electric version weighs about 11 kg. Remarkable is also the simple and intuitively to handle folding system. It folds against the load, with the result that the joints naturally stiffen under the load, gaining more stability. The front and rear forks are one-sided, allowing the scooter to fold past the plank, further minimising the footprint. Its sophisticated design is the basis for an impressively novel concept of mobility, as this scooter is suitable for commuters, campers or as an emergency vehicle in the trunk of the car.

Statement by the Jury

stæp is based on a highly sophisticated, new approach towards unobstructed mobility. Combining a scooter and skateboard, its innovative design has emerged as a true novelty, which due to its functional properties, appeals to both younger and older target groups. It is very light, easy to use and can be folded up intuitively to a compact size – a perfect means of transportation not only in everyday urban life.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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