Aerodynamic Rear-View Mirror


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Fascinating functionality

In racing, fractions of a second sometimes matter, which is why every minute detail is of high significance. The design of the STEALTH rear-view mirror merges racing experience with aeronautical inspiration. It is specially designed for supersport motorbikes and has been technically optimised for this use. It fascinates with a slender language of form and a functionality that is impressive in its logic. Consisting of two parts, the mirror features a fixed part that attaches directly to the fairing and a movable part that acts as the mirror glass holder. Milled from one piece of billet aluminium, it showcases a convex glass surface to provide a surprisingly wide viewing angle despite its small size. A simple movement allows aligning the two parts, making the closed mirror adopt the function of an aerodynamic wing with a 25-degree angle relative to the ground, which contributes to a new, sleek and aggressive look for the sportbike. At the same time, this generates downforce and in turn improves the bike’s grip and handling especially at high speed. The downforce pressure achieved is around 4 kg at 300 km/h. The fixed part of this rear-view mirror has been designed and aerodynamically matched to fit specific fairing models, while the movable part is the same for all fairings. P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm }

Statement by the Jury

This elegant rear-view mirror impressively manages to enhance a styling element in the field of supersport motorbikes with a sophisticated functionality. The concept is well thought-out and astounding in its logic. This design approach has resulted in a haunting aesthetic, while the mirror also has outstanding qualities in terms of aerodynamics. Aesthetics and functionality enter into a perfect symbiosis.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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