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The number of blood donations and blood banks in Taiwan has declined in recent years. However, when natural disasters or major accidents occur, people are always willing to help. Since donating blood suffers from a rather stale public image, a new blood donation brand image was designed. The starting point is a virtual world, with steampunk-style design; the human blood is used as irreplaceable energy. The importance that blood has for all the processes in the human body is vividly emphasised, for example, by a point that “grows” outward in increasingly thinner rings and by the word “blood” starting to “pulsate” and showing both upward and downward peaks like a heartbeat. Blue (standing for vast, noble and hope), red (for blood, positive and fraternity) and white (for pure, health and technology) were used as the main colours on posters, booklets and playing cards, as well as for the key visual on the blood donation bus, to convey the message in an attractive and convincing manner.

Statement by the Jury

With the aim of drawing attention to the social topic of blood donations and encouraging more donors, this work has emerged with an ingenious and eye-catching implementation. It visualises the content not only in a visually highly striking manner, but also educational through vivid infographics as well as typography. In addition, the colours help convey the message in a clever and appealing way.

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