Steel Track for Roller Coasters

Stengel BB Track Series

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Shaped to thrill

With their loops and often dizzying twists, roller coasters are true crowd pullers in amusement parks and at public festivals. The innovative Stengel BB Track steel element was developed against the background that common track designs for achieving high speeds and withstanding extreme loads do meet the highest demands regarding safety, material and workmanship of the track, but often pay very little attention to the aesthetic side. Thus, the aim of this design was to further increase the anticipation and thrill of a roller coaster ride by lending it a new shape and appearance. This steel track for roller coasters inspires with its filigree design language and large track spans. The patented track is based on the structural principle of connecting circular hollow-section profiles using thin metal sheets. The assembly of the individual sheet metal components structurally visualises the flow of lateral and longitudinal forces. This design principle makes optimum use of the steel and thus minimises material usage. The distinctive shape of the sheets gives the track maximum safety and an exceptional lifetime. Despite being identically prefabricated, the sheets can be adapted easily to any curved roller coaster track. This allows for significantly simplified fabrication and thus outstanding cost effectiveness. The gauge and dimensioning are variable to fit different roller coaster types maintaining the track’s original design.

Statement by the Jury

This steel track for roller coasters convinces with impressive technical qualities and a fascinating new shape at the same time. Fundamentally rethinking the design of such steel elements, the roller coaster track has been given an outstandingly appealing look based on the patented concept of connecting curved tubes by means of thin metal sheets. Moreover, this construction approach allows material usage to be minimised.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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