Exhibition Design

Stralsund Museum

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The Stralsund Museum in the Katharinenkloster, one of the oldest brick Gothic monasteries in the Baltic Sea region, was complemented with iconographic exhibition architecture. The new permanent exhibition offers orientation through alternating theme and focus areas. The theme areas are characterised by a homogeneous design, while the focus areas feature strong design accents generated through an exhibition architecture that is individually matched to the specific exhibits on display. A range of minimalist displays, which are separated from the walls of the monastery, help form islands or space-in-space scenarios in which exhibits such as the world-famous Viking gold treasure are shown as impressive installations. The combination of Gothic style of architecture, antique exhibition objects and a contemporary, purist exhibition design creates a vivid yet consistent sense of tension that captivates visitors and triggers fascination.

Statement by the Jury

This museum work includes everything to make for a good exhibition, ranging from clearly set spatial elements and an impressive presentation of the collection to a great choice of typography and perfectly staged lighting. In addition, the exhibition opens up an exciting dialogue with the historical architecture, characterising the entire atmosphere in the Stralsund Museum.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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