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Stuttgart Simply Colourful

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This corporate design showcases an eye-catching design concept that captures and reflects the variety of people from different cultures and nationalities living in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. It pursues the aim of encouraging integration and communication between all inhabitants. Based on a well thought-out principle, “Stuttgart simply colourful” is trying to promote a sense of community and connectedness with the city. Interactive booths were placed in the city where people were supposed to answer questions about their city and have abstract portraits made of themselves. People thus participated in turning the city into an even more colourful and vibrant place which is fun and where people like to be. Both the concept and the logo are based on a simple graphic language. This offers manifold applications since both the colour and the arrangement of the design elements are variable, allowing for easy and playful creation of new words.

Statement by the Jury

The nice and simple graphic language of “Stuttgart simply colourful” possesses all properties needed for a convincing corporate identity. The vital importance of better communication between people from different cultures living within the city is perfectly visualised. Another core aspect of this dynamic, appealing and fresh design approach is that it is never finished and can continually renew itself.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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