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Security with style

Strollers must be well equipped, especially for newborns, as they are in need of heightened protection. Swan was developed for and tailored specifically to the needs of newborns. It protects the baby safely from shocks and is very comfortable thanks to its sophisticated ergonomics. Central to its innovative design is the marriage of a carbon fibre frame with elements made of die-cast aluminium. This special combination gives the frame a high stability and reliability. With a weight of only 6.3 kg, Swan is very light and easy to transport. Designed as a functionally sophisticated 3-in-1 model, all its elements are intuitive to adjust, offering a high degree of flexibility that accompanies the child as it grows. This stroller is also very comfortable in use for the parents as it can be reversed with one hand and features a four-wheel swivel/lock function that makes it easy to operate in any direction. Designed with a clear style, it inspires with the choice and quality of its materials. The cover made of crushed fabric is highly pleasant for the child, as it warms well with its high volume, giving the child a high feeling of security. Boasting a design of high formal and technical quality, Swan is geared towards the needs of parents and children, and safely supports young families right from the start.

Statement by the Jury

The Swan stroller fascinates with its subtle and carefully realised design of all details. It is fashionably elegant and impresses with its outstanding quality. The choice and combination of materials, too, sets an example. Thanks to the use of carbon fibre for the frame, Swan weighs an extraordinarily light 6.3 kg. It is perfectly thought-out in terms of function and ergonomics, complemented by a folding mechanism that is intuitive to operate.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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