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Swarm Lifting Robot

Swarm Lifting Robot | Red Dot Design Award

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Swarm Lifting Robot is a small, two-wheel cargo-lifting robot that can be configured flexibly. Its side panels are built with a smart magnet interface that allows a robot to form a larger platform or cargo lift with other robots. In this way, any form can be created for any cargo load through system scheduling. Two-wheel differential drive lifting robots have been widely used in warehousing, logistics and the manufacturing industry. Usually, one robot is matched to one fixed lifting size and load so a warehouse would require several types and sizes of robots for more complicated transportation tasks. This can stress out the individual robots and idling robots can bring about a waste of resources. Furthermore, special cargo platforms will need to be customised if the task involves abnormal cargo and cargo with irregular bases. Swarm Lifting Robot addresses this problem by creating a system of robots that can carry goods alone or pool together to lift bulkier cargo loads. Even after they have combined into a single platform, the cylinder of each robot can rise to any height to tackle cargos with uneven forms or surfaces.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Geek+ Inc., China
  • Team Lead:
    Wang Kun
  • Design:
    Lu Huanhuan