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More Precision, Less Effort

“The SWISSORS Mark II come with an innovative mechanism that makes cutting on the table effortless” – thus the unanimous verdict of the jury. “The high quality of the selected materials and the perfect, ergonomic shape of the tailor shears are also compelling.” When using classic, heavy cast metal shears, the centre of gravity of the scissors generally moves up and down so that the material that is being cut is lifted off the table. The novel four-bar-linkage mechanism of the SWISSORS Mark II tailor shears ensures that the lower blade remains flat on the table when cutting. This innovation not only minimises the vertical movement of the fabric that is being cut and increases the precision of the cut, but also reduces the effort required by 70 per cent compared to conventional shears and ensures the manual force needed remains constant throughout the process. This will come as a tremendous relief to all needlework enthusiasts and, in particular, to professional tailors, fashion designers, technical fabric cutters or upholsterers who rely on shears in their everyday work. The blades of the SWISSORS Mark II are replaceable, so there is no need to sharpen them. Owing to their titanium nitride coating, they are also far more durable than their bare steel counterparts. The ability to switch between different blades for different fabrics furthermore makes the shears exceptionally versatile and flexible to use. They are therefore not only suitable for extremely delicate fabrics such as silk but also for tough, robust materials such as Kevlar, fibreglass, plastic films and metal foils. An adjustment screw means the blade-to-blade cutting force can be adapted to the relevant fabric. Depending on the application area and target audience, the tailor shears are available in two different materials. The main components of the SWISSORS Mark II are injection moulded from a high-performance, 40 per cent carbon fibre-reinforced polyamide, while the professional model with an identical design is made from refined aluminium.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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