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Geometric Accents in the Room

In architecture and interior design, lighting has the task of staging and complementing a room. In this context, luminaires are often only a means to an end. Sometimes, however, they are in the spotlight themselves. The Tangram-Trace is such a luminaire: with its distinctive, wide straps and narrow, linear light fixtures, it draws sharp lines in the air, creating an aesthetic that is capable of shaping entire rooms. The basis for this is a modular system consisting of an elongated rectangular light fixture available in three lengths, a canopy in the same shape and straps made of fabric about 10 cm wide. The straps hold the luminaire and conceal the flat power cable, which is invisibly integrated into the support strap construction. At the same time, they are the element that lends the Tangram-Trace lighting solution its visual conciseness and high flexibility, because the straps can be pulled inwards or pushed outwards by means of spacers. In this way, the route of the straps between the light fixture and the canopy is determined to create the desired shape. The straps are available in five colours and can be configured in twelve preset shapes. In addition, interior architects and designers can create custom designs in terms of form and colour in collaboration with the manufacturer. A linear prismatic lens with ultra-thin aluminium housing and adjustable white range from 2,700 to 5,000 kelvin emits high-quality diffuse light into the room. In their decision, the jurors praised the coherent design of the individual Tangram-Trace elements, which would help the eye follow the clear lines of the luminaire undisturbed. Above all, however, the jury emphasised the creative potential of the luminaire: “Tangram-Trace opens up a multitude of design possibilities for interior designers to draw completely new geometric landscapes in the room. Particularly remarkable is that – depending on the choice of components – both minimalist solutions and installations with a dramatic effect can be achieved,” said the jury. Another special quality of the luminaire is that it always exudes a certain warmth despite its austere lines, even if it is completely black.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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