Tellingo: Friendly Converser With Voice Recognition

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Tellingo is designed as a child-oriented language learning device. Children will be able to choose and learn a language through a variety of physical card packs ranging from phonics to words, sentences, and finally a complete story. By inserting a barcoded card into the slot, children can easily learn how to read a word or sentence on the card. Tellingo also asks children to answer or repeat questions on their own and provide feedback using the voice recognition feature. The design of the device was inspired by a parrot, one of the few vocal learners among animals capable of producing or learning a sound as a language. Its bright red body wraps around the card slot. This common colour for parrots also makes for eye-catching card content. The speaker is hidden beneath the fabric beak to make the product more appealing to children, and the calmly resting wing on the left is covered in silicon to provide a firm grip for the small hands of young users. Tellingo is not intended to deny or disprove technology’s capabilities; it is a hybrid device that represents a great compromise between the benefits of technology and traditional toys. The device encourages self-learning, supports cognitive and social development, and alleviates parents’ concerns about their children being distracted by fast-paced games and videos on smart devices and the internet. Tellingo’s mission is to help children create their own classrooms anywhere and at any time, showing them how to become self-directed learners. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Education

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