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A sensuous object

Japan is home to the tradition of kintsugi, a method for repairing ceramics in which the edges of the sherds are glued together using a varnish containing gold pigments, thereby creating unique objects. This same artform has inspired the design of the Teno portable speaker. Its simple shape is reminiscent of a broken bowl, an impression underscored by the use of the natural material sand, which also gives the speaker its textured surface and pleasing haptics. The centrally positioned “fracture line” is an element that is both aesthetic and functional: when the two halves are pulled apart at this line, the loudspeaker comes to life and a warm light appears. The light and loudspeaker functions are controlled via intuitive gestures, such as running a finger over the body to dim the light or adjust the volume, or a light tap to accept and end calls. Natural sounds provide acoustic feedback. A 20-watt, Class-D amplifier delivers balanced sound; for a stereo listening experience, two Teno devices can simply be linked via Bluetooth. With a diameter of 13 cm, Teno is ergonomic and easy to transport.

Statement by the Jury

Teno is a portable speaker whose appearance and haptics break with those of conventional products by combining artisanal elements and technology. This makes it a sensuous object that invites people to touch it and discover its functions, which aren’t immediately apparent. Thanks to the choice of material, Teno feels both hard and pleasing. Together with its intuitive controls, this results in a special user experience. Its minimalist design and high-quality construction are geared towards a long service life.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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