Full-Body Haptics Suit


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New way of experiencing

The well-known biologist turned philosopher Humberto R. Maturana describes reality as a learned environment constructed by us through our perceptions. The Teslasuit is a full-body interface between a user and a digital environment. It enhances virtual and augmented reality experiences by providing a sense of touch, force feedback via electric stimulation and thermal feedback. The haptic experience is supported by advanced biometric and motion capture systems. While the Teslasuit is currently only used for enterprise-internal training, the suit also has great potential in medicine, sports and gaming. Its design is highly functional, ergonomic and minimalist, complemented by precise electrode mapping that enables accurate stimulation of muscle groups. The high-tech materials and fabrics used for the suit do not restrict the user’s movements and provide an optimum fit, as is also required for the correctly placed delivery of haptic stimulation. The suit’s high-fidelity haptics is enabled by 80 electro-stimulation channels and five thermal feedback channels. The motion capture system is driven by ten integrated inertial measurement unit sensors. The biometric system employs the electro-stimulation channels to provide highly accurate electrocardiography and galvanic skin response data. A minicomputer control unit enables wireless operation of the suit.

Statement by the Jury

Perfectly integrating sophisticated technology, this full-body suit delivers the feeling of becoming one with digital reality. The Teslasuit points out the future already today, because it allows users wearing it to move around easily and freely in their environment. The suit is well thought-out and well made in every aspect of its components – featuring a design that discreetly integrates the sensors and which lends it an iconic ­appearance.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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