The Cooking Totem

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Through a compact iconic structure meant to be exhibited, this set of cookware doubles as cooking pots as well as serving bowls. The Cooking Totem is the ultimate cookware set for modern cooks. It includes five essentials to cover all needs – wok, soup pot, skillet, sauce pan and crepe pan – and two modular lids that stack in a harmonic way. There is no need to hide cookware in drawers anymore. The set is meant to offer more mileage through less elements, saving storage space through stackability and conquering the needs of dining by enabling the user to remove the handle from the pots, turning them into beautiful serving bowls. The unique detachable handles adapt to all pots. They are integrated with a locking mechanism to prevent any accidental unlocking and keep the users from getting hurt. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Culinary & Kitchen

Red Dot

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