Kitchen Sink and Tap


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Elegance Meets Function

Although kitchen sinks are predominantly functional interior design elements, they contribute to the overall appearance of the kitchen. The CRASSO was developed to be both practical and aesthetically appealing. The sinks blend seamlessly into countertops for hygienic use and boast gently rounded corners for elegant visual continuity. This also facilitates excellent water drainage for ease of cleaning. When sourcing the material for the sinks, the designers focused on achieving a hard-wearing surface with the necessary transparency and discovered that epoxy resin was the perfect choice. Extensive research enabled them to process the epoxy resin so that no air bubbles became trapped and so it retained its ability to diffuse soft light. The transparent lightness of the innovative “Crystal” material, featuring a shiny surface obtained through polishing and grinding, is highlighted and complemented by the streamlined form of the sink. The taps, as another central element, have the same soft curves as the sinks. They are positioned and styled to ensure minimal splashing, as well as to provide a washing area suitable for large pots. The taps are designed to save water and they have a touchless feature to allow use with dirty hands. “It was amazing to see how easy this sink is to clean. The rounded corners and seamless transitions not only maximise hygiene but also display a fascinating aesthetic. The material is another interesting aspect, and the overall purist look of The CRASSO is very impressive,” noted the jury. The jurors also mentioned the comprehensive selection of colours, which was another challenge for the designers. As a result of the counter material’s transparency, its hue changes slightly depending on the direction of the light and the prevailing colour temperature. After multiple tests, a range of 17 colours was created for the sink, which can be combined with the taps available in three different colours.

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