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The IDEAL Combine

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Efficient platform

Working with a combine harvester places high demands on both man and machine, with efficiency and effectiveness playing a central role. The IDEAL combine, available for Massey Ferguson and Fendt brands, is a completely new product designed from a “blank sheet of paper”. In addition to full connectivity, the machine offers a complete and automated adjustment to the existing harvesting conditions. Particularly pioneering is the visualisation of the real-time crop flow, enabling the driver to get an accurate overview of the current harvesting performance. At the heart of this innovative and highly functional combine harvester is an extremely efficient threshing and separating system. It optimises the performance in terms of grain and straw quality, grain handling, power efficiency, as well as the capacity in a wide variety of conditions. The IDEAL combine offers a safe and intuitive ease of use even with complex harvesting operations. Based on a concept of sophisticated ergonomics, it provides drivers with an outstandingly comfortable working environment, including a generously designed cabin with huge windows for excellent all-round visibility. This combine harvester impresses with an elegant design language that is further underlined by a high-quality graphite livery. Showcasing a narrow body, the clear lines impressively visualise the high performance it delivers. Realising a highly ambitious approach, the design of the IDEAL combine harvester manages to lend farming machines a striking new aesthetic.

Statement by the Jury

This high-performance combine harvester features a groundbreaking, sophisticated design that is optimally oriented towards future requirements. Its dynamic form language is emotionalising and lends it a strikingly elegant appearance. Also fascinating is the advanced ergonomic design of the driver’s cabin with excellent all-round visibility. The IDEAL combine is extremely comfortable in use, very powerful and efficient.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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