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The Lake by Oru Kayak

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Cutting a Fine Figure on the Water

Origami is considered an art form – and with good reason. After all, anyone who has a command of this technique can create the most impressive shapes and figures just by folding. The Asian art of folding inspired the American company Oru Kayak to develop kayaks that are easy to transport, proving that this art form is an effective way of producing much more than just paper animals. The Lake is an incredibly lightweight kayak that can be compressed and unfolded in a surprisingly effective way despite being 2.70 metres long and 80 cm wide. The box-to-boat design based on the principles of origami enables users to remove the kayak directly from the packaging and instantly transform it into a functional boat. Only the seat needs to be inserted separately. The space-saving kayak is also easy to store when not in use, a terrific feature in times when living space is becoming increasingly expensive. The Lake’s functionality is as robust as its design is delicate. A single sheet of double-layered polypropylene absorbs impact, the boat can be dragged over rocks and it can be folded and unfolded countless times. The jury was particularly captivated by the construction: “The Oru Kayak Lake dispenses with additional packaging. You can simply unfold it and start using it right away. This product’s ease of handling and overall concept are what make it so impressive.” The jurors also recognised how difficult it is to reduce and simplify product design: “The simplicity of this kayak is the result of the effective management of complexity. The beauty of this product lies in the idea of transforming a thin piece of paper into a three-dimensional boat simply by folding it. Like origami creations, the effect is surprising.” The Lake is primarily aimed at people who are new to kayaking and enjoy exploring calm waters like rivers or lakes. Thanks to the origami-inspired folding design of the Oru Kayak, it appeals to a wide range of user groups who want a kayak for recreational or athletic use that is easy to transport and assemble and always cuts a fine figure in the water.

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