The New Preloved Windbreaker

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The New Preloved Windbreaker is a response to the environmental problems caused by ready-to-wear garments and ‘fast fashion’. The project recycles and reuses waste and surplus fabric as the main raw material in redesigned windbreakers. To achieve this, the design team reinvented the conventional garment structures and created modular windbreakers for the office. These modular windbreakers not only alleviate the destructive pressure of surplus fabrics, but also promote ‘slow fashion’ and sustainable consumption. The principle behind the modular windbreakers is to allow customers to create their own style of windbreakers by mixing and matching each part. As such, the windbreaker is deconstructed into multiple parts, each based on its own style template. A universal system allows each part to be attached and removed via zippers, snap buttons and Velcro. Thus, customers can customise the windbreaker according to their own needs and preferences. The windbreakers come with season-specific instructions and recommendations, and customers can purchase more ‘parts’ to adapt their windbreaker. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Fashion

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