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The Ultimate Silicone Bags

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Complex Simplicity in Fresh Colours

Tupperware is a brand that has always thrived on reinventing itself – yet, at the same time, it has ever remained true to its principles. Although consumers have become increasingly discerning over the decades, the revolutionary concept launched back in 1946 has barely changed. Tupperware still manufactures the durable, heavy-duty and lightweight storage containers that brighten up the kitchen and reduce food and single use waste. Based on their principles, they continued to expand the ranges with a focus on innovation, function and user friendliness – principles which are once again evident in the Ultimate Silicone Bags. The reusable multipurpose bags are made of flexible, BPA-free, food-grade silicone and can be used to freeze, store and heat food. Opacity and translucency are united in an exciting – and functional – play on contrasts. A transparent window on the back serves to identify the contents, while aiding the tidy storage of food items in the fridge. The wave symbol in the window indicates the maximum fill level when freezing foods. There is also a slit on the top edge so that the bag can be conveniently clipped onto anything with a snap hook for hands-free carrying. The designers and engineers developed a unique closure that provides a tight seal yet is also easy to open and close. “This is actually a very simple product that nevertheless stands out for its innovativeness and complexity. It is created for intuitive use, and the monomaterial format reflects modern-day requirements. The very clever closure and the four different bag sizes, which nest smoothly inside each other for compact storage, particularly impressed us,” found the jury. Counting among the user-friendly features of the Ultimate Silicone Bags is that they stand up on their own for ease of filling or simple removal of the contents moreover, the bags are dishwasher safe. The fresh colours are not just an aesthetic feature, but also help the user to identify the food being stored more easily.

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