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With the ever-changing globalised workspace, ThinkSmart Software is a universal collaboration platform that modernises the typical boardroom. An important component to the design was taking complex online meeting platforms and integrating them seamlessly into a simple custom interface to create a consistent experience across various meeting solutions. The ability to have the same experience across many platforms is key to the overall usability of the product. Anyone within reach can easily start and control meetings with the democratised controls that keep the users’ focus on the content being displayed. As soon as users walk into the room, their devices will automatically connect to the Hub via the ThinkSmart app using proximity detection. Built-in IR sensors detect presence and welcome users by displaying the room’s calendar and availability. This smart device provides flexibility by letting users easily schedule meetings and share content through multiple HDMI connections or wirelessly with the ThinkSmart companion app. Premium speakers and a rich 4-microphone array ensure online meetings sound just as clear as being there in person. This holistic end-to-end hardware and software solution redefines the collaboration experience, while the simple and intuitive user interface creates an engaging user experience. A cloud-based portal provides custom device management and configurations from a single location. With intelligent built-in telemetry, IT administrators now have the power to analyse important room utilisation and device data while managing thousands of rooms across the world from their desks. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Communication

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