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In the “TITANIC” exhibition, the sinking of the largest ship in the world at that time is staged. The focus is to present the ship as a symbol of the hubris of mankind, who is governed by the delusion of being able to master the forces of nature. The exhibition comprises two sections: the first part consists of ever more compact and higher installations that immerse visitors into the heyday of the industrial development period, allowing them to experience the frenzy of the growth of mechanical power and technological progress. At the euphoric zenith of this journey back in time, a 23-metre-high replica of the Titanic’s bow towers at a scale of 1:1 as a symbol of technical achievement. Visitors then enter a completely different setting: a 32-metre-high, 360-degree panorama by the artist Yadegar Asisi shows the decaying wreck of the Titanic at a depth of 3,800 metres. Accompanied by an artificial lighting scenario, this giant panorama image with a circumference of 110 metres allows visitors to grasp the full extent of the disaster. Music by Eric Babak enhances the visual impressions.

Statement by the Jury

In view of the large amount of news on disasters that we are exposed to on a daily basis, it is anything but easy to trigger great emotions in an exhibition aimed at highlighting a disaster of the past. However, the exhibition “TITANIC” succeeds in an impressive manner through a skilful use of physical, graphic and other visual elements to create a setting that is deeply immersive. This exhibition is really a great and outstanding experience that fully brings back the tragedy of the Titanic.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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