Toguz Korgool

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TOGUZ KORGOOL board game (under the family of Mancala Board games) is a redesign of a game that has been played in Central Asian and African countries for decades. This new design is meant to look appealing both when it is being played and not in use. When not being played, it looks like a beautiful 20 sided object. The 20 faces are connected with hinges and magnets so that the whole body can be folded and unfolded easily—the entire process also provides an engaging experience. A game starts with 9 balls on each ball tray. Each player takes a turn picking all the balls from a tray with one ball left. He proceeds to distribute the balls one by one on each tray counter-clockwise. When the number of balls in the last tray is odd, he owns the balls and puts them in a temporary reservoir. This repeats until one of the players collects 81 balls in total. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Play

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