Sound-Absorbing Wall and Ceiling Finishes



Ornamental elegance

Room reverberations can have a strong impact on people’s well-being. Too much of it is perceived as disturbing. The concept commonly used to lower the reverberation in interior rooms is to provide wood-based panels with perforations or grooves. The TOPAKUSTIK Line offers a new aesthetic for this, as it realises the function of sound absorption with any graphic ornament. These freely designable graphic ornaments are about 1.5 mm deep. The back of the wood-based panel is perforated down to the underside of the graphic ornament. This causes the sound energy to penetrate the wood-based panel and be absorbed in the additional mineral wool board applied to the back. TOPAKUSTIK is available in any surface finish used in current interior designs in veneered, lacquered or coated models. With such variety, it offers architects and planners an abundance of individual design options. This allows sound absorption to be perfectly adapted to a given interior.

Statement by the Jury

TOPAKUSTIK has emerged with an entirely new aesthetic for sound-absorbing wall and ceiling finishes. The idea of using diverse graphic ornaments to aestheticise this area opens up ample freedom for individualisation in interior design. The underlying concept is impressive in its logic as well as its high-quality implementation. It removes the anonymous appearance of acoustic panels by introducing visually enticing qualities.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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