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Toyota Prius

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In 1997, the Toyota Prius was the first series-produced passenger car with hybrid drive to be launched onto the market and made automotive history as a pioneer of a new technology. The innovative drive was flanked by an unconventional design, which was replaced in the following generation by a wedge shape that remained largely unchanged thereafter. The fifth generation now presents a comprehensive further development of the plug-in hybrid system with more power and a larger battery for more electric range. Above all, however, the new Prius makes its mark with a comprehensive redesign, said the jury, who particularly praised this “successful redesign of an established model”. The new Prius design is characterised by a sporty, coupé-like silhouette that takes up the typical wedge shape yet combines it with elegant, contemporary lines. This makes the Prius’ trademark mono-silhouette even more pronounced, without compromising its aerodynamic qualities. This design was made possible by building the car on the manufacturer’s second-generation TNGA platform, which favours a lower centre of gravity and flatter silhouette. Glossy, voluminous surfaces form a visual counterbalance to the striking side view and are, in turn, contrasted by the sharp, angular line of the sills. The front view features a new “hammerhead shark-like design” that elegantly stages the narrow, C-shaped headlights a three-dimensional, linear light element accentuates the rear. The spacious interior offers a pleasant ambience with carefully selected materials and high-quality workmanship. The positioning of visual information and touch controls has also been fundamentally revised to enhance both user comfort and safety with a clear, uncluttered layout. “The exterior of the Toyota Prius has been radically and boldly revised and, with its sporty silhouette, balanced proportions and uncluttered appearance is a successful further development of the original design. The interior, which has been thought through down to the last detail, and the dynamic driving behaviour are also convincing,” was the jury’s verdict.

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