Trailer Drone

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The Trailer Drone is a unique and innovative future mobility solution that combines fuel cells, trucks, trailers and robots on a single platform. The e-Bogie — Fully autonomous driving technology was used since it carries no passengers, and precise movement is enabled by the pair of connected e-Bogies at each end. Thanks to the intelligent packaging design, all systems are downsized to fit the bottom of a container. The e-Bogie, derived from railroad car technology, is a driverless mobility concept that efficiently houses essential components such as propulsion, control, steering and suspension units within a limited space. It is a multi-purpose mobility platform that can be used in a variety of industrial sectors. Hydrogen Fuel Cell — Equipped with a high-power fuel cell system, the Trailer Drone will play an important role in the fields of economy and commerce without harming the environment. The hydrogen tanks, which are also mounted at the front and bottom of the trailer, provide a range of 1,600km per charge. Unmanned Autonomous Driving System — The Trailer Drone has a larger loading capacity without a driver space that makes logistics and transportation more efficient, as well as a fully autonomous driving system with no passengers. The drones communicate wirelessly to ensure efficient operation, share hazard information and take swift actions. Modular Platform — Depending on the application, the standard e-Bogie can be outfitted with a different body kit and a wagon. Such flexible scalability contributes to increased R&D efficiency and productivity.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility and Transportation

Red Dot: Luminary

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