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Tread/Table is a treadmill that folds into a table. It can be integrated into the home environment and provide an alternative existence for the idle treadmill. As a treadmill, grooves in the panel serve as holders for external devices that connect to the treadmill via Bluetooth, allowing users to select modes and view body data. The inner ring of the back panel contains a light strip that extends to the front of the running board, and can be used as both an atmosphere light and a reminder to users not to misstep. Two infrared sensors on both sides of the panel are designed to detect the user's gestures and adjust the treadmill's speed. When the user turns off the power after completing the exercise, the internal motor begins to rotate the treadmill's panel and handrails simultaneously by 90 degrees. Tread/Table then transforms into a table where people can read and rest. Besides that, the back and body are available in a variety of materials and colours, allowing it to blend into a variety of home environments. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Sports and Recreation

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