Triumph Magic Wire

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When it comes to lingerie, comfort and fit are key, as these articles of clothing are worn close to the skin. The concept for the Triumph Magic Wire bra is the result of worldwide studies which concluded that the supporting metal or plastic wires, frequently used in bras, become uncomfortable if worn over longer periods of time. The innovative use of silicone in combination with a special moulding process made it possible to develop an item of lingerie that offers completely new properties. The Magic Wire is a bra that is very comfortable to wear thanks to the embedding of the silicone wire in between padded layers. This ensures that only the velvet-soft micro material of the bra comes into direct contact with the wearer’s skin. A built-in stabiliser offers the additional benefit of a good push-in effect. For larger models its support function is reinforced by small rods that are integrated into the side-seams. The bra is given its shape by an innovative adhesive technology, which makes the seam-edges virtually invisible under clothing and ensures there are no pressure points. The Triumph Magic Wire is made with a gently shimmering jacquard weave in appealing, contemporary fashion colours. A feminine appearance is combined with advanced functionality to give the female bust a beautiful silhouette.

Statement by the Jury

The Magic Wire bra offers the wearer new features as it fits very close to the body and thereby creates the ideal silhouette. Its perfect support function is impressive, particularly as it is achieved without the conventional wires traditionally used in lingerie. Here, a new type of bra has been created to suit the needs of the wearer by noticeably improving its comfort. In doing so, silicone, as a material, has gained in relevance and is likely to find new applications in design.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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