U Shelf

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The U Shelf is a modular structure that can be freely combined or arranged as the space requires. It is stripped back of any frills or excess design features. Its functionality is its main feature. Created using wood or plywood, the U Shelf is able to hold excessively heavy loads. It can also be turned into a desk, clothing rack or a set of drawers. Completely versatile and nearly DIY in a sense, it is the perfect shelf for literally any space. The U Shelf employs wooden vertical frames and plywood boards of a variety of sizes so that any household can create organisational storage or a workspace that meets their own needs. Ergonomically excellent, the U Shelf is a fusion of creativity and necessity in a world that requires home owners to be clever about how they organise their homes. Lack of space is an issue in cities, in particular for Vietnamese cities where it is not uncommon for three generations of families to live in the same space. Like the U Shelf, all of Laita’s designs therefore focus on a key issue in modern households: space. The studio's aim is to ensure that families and individuals have an easier and happier existence, even in smaller spaces. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Home Furniture

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